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So far total amount raised to date is £5420,00

Jemma McGowan where do I start? She was just a ray of sunshine, a fighter, a friend, a caring Mother, wife, daughter.

Jemma touched si many hearts including mine and has surely left a print. She will never ever be forgotten.

I want to help her heartbroken family by raising money (please know I'm doing this no-one has asked me to do this)

All profits will go to Clive, Sadie, Louie and lil Betty.


I came up with an idea of a brooch/pin, easy to wear, small but full of love when you look at it.


So Something with a heart and gold, as this represents she had a heart of gold. The diamond wings shows that Jemma loved her style and bling. (I can imagine Jemma up in heaven now prancing about with the prettiest gown & heels) Last of all the crown on top, shows that Jemma was a queen, she taught us so much about life. This brooch fits perfect.


Rest in Paradise Jemma McGowan


In Memory Of Jemma McGowan Brooch/Pin

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