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Our online store was founded by myself Lynzi (Hamilton) Nicholl in april 2014 (claudy, Co,Londonderry) i was a beauty therapist in my past for 7 years and at the age of 23 i decided it just wasn't for me anymore, and with months of research i started up some social media pages advertising some stock i had purschased with my savings, little did i think that the stock i had bought sold out within a few days, i was shocked by the support of my country and surroundings in the UK, the word of my social media pages soon got out and i now have a facebook page of over 13K followers. Six months later it had turned into a full time job and guess what i am still my own boss 5 years on, at 29 years old with two children and a husband. I still wake up every morning thinking its only a dream, but i certainly know i wouldnt be where i am today without all my customers near and far who support me.  Pop over to my social media pages linked on my website even just to say hello, i love hearing from new people all the time. Love you all x

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